Our executive fleet of hybrid vehicles just got even classier …

We are pleased to announce that we have added the sought-after new Hybrid E-Class Mercedes to our fleet of executive vehicles.

We believe you should expect to travel in absolute style and comfort, be shown absolute care and be able to do your bit for the environment – without compromise. The new Hybrid E-Class Mercedes certainly fits those requirements.

With emissions of just 49 g/km, the E-Class offers one of the most environmentally-friendly hybrid options on the market. And, naturally, as the fifth generation of Mercedes’ ‘flagship’ vehicle, features such as a more spacious interior and twin tablet displays, demonstrate that it was designed with smoothness, comfort and style in mind. In the words of Top Gear, ‘It’s an E-class: we’d expect nothing else.’

As you may already be aware, we are leading the way when it comes to helping clean-up London’s air by working with The Energy Saving Trust and operating the capital’s largest fleet of state-of-the-art electric vehicles. The addition of the lower emission E-class Mercedes means that we can offer our clients even more choice as well as helping them fulfil their sustainability commitments.

As with all of our executive fleet, our Hybrid E-Class Mercedes will be driven by our dedicated, highly-trained and experienced professional drivers. Whether you need them for business or pleasure, as a one-off special occasion, to impress your clients or associates, or as a 24/7 driver, our Executive service is award-winning and used by some incredibly well-known names …

To find out more about our Executive service, our range of hybrid and electric vehicles, or our award-winning service call us on 020 7490 4222 or email us at bookings@glh.co.uk