Malcolm Jones scoops national courier award

The man, the courier, the local legend. Team GLH and our clients couldn’t be happier to announce that Malcolm Jones has won a National Courier of the Year award after an amazing 30 years in the business.

Malcolm is one of those people who always makes an impression and is loved by colleagues and clients alike for the way he brightens up their day. When it comes to getting the job done, no one knows the roads like Malcolm, he has an inimitable way with customers and we couldn’t be prouder of the way he represents us.

But don’t take our word for it – this is what our client had to say about him:

Backgrounds Prop Hire have been working with GLH since the eighties. Throughout these three decades both industries have had to deal with dramatic organisational restructuring, the ever changing face of client demands, constant transport regulation updates and climate change initiatives. There has been one constant that has adapted to each new challenge, overcome all of these hurdles and still delivered the goods, Malcolm Jones.

Malcom is and always has been more than a Courier, in the 4 wheeled category. He is a political commentator, a rebel, a news pundit, a radical fashionista, a social justice freedom fighter, a New York musician, an agony aunt and a philosophical voice of a generation.

Most mornings at 9am there he is! Whatever might have happened in the last 24 hours you will soon hear about it.

What makes the perfect courier? Some might say that it is someone who arrives on time, has no problem with the goods being delivered, knows all the quick routes to your destinations and delivers on time and in good order, or is it?

Perhaps someone who can spend just as much time talking about the ridiculous no right turn that they have just introduced on Farringdon Road as they do on the ongoing global political conspiracy.

Sometimes it is not the obvious or measurable things that make someone great at their job. I was recently reading about some of the new terminology that GLH have introduced and one phrase stood out. I can quite happily speak for all of us that have worked at Backgrounds and say that Malcolm Jones is the greatest Smile Maker.

Here is to another thirty years of smiles!”

Malcolm and many of the GLH Team attended the 22nd annual National Courier Awards, held by the Institute of Couriers. The gala event recognises the best in the industry in various categories and Malcolm received a Courier of the Year Award in the four-wheels category. We’ll leave you with the words of our MD, Rob Scott:

Malcolm has had to endure the increased traffic, the higher customer expectations, the lowering of speed limits, the whole shebang. In what can be an incredibly frustrating role at times, which only a few can take for any sort of prolonged period, he remains buoyant, positive, helpful, loved by the customers, loved by his colleagues, hardworking, wanting to sort the problems out as any good courier should.”

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