London’s Mayor provides a breath of fresh air

It’s not without reason that London has long been referred to as ‘The Smoke’, a label that is difficult to remove. “London’s lethal air is one of the biggest health challenges of our time,” says Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. “We can’t continue breathing air so toxic it harms children’s lung development and causes chronic illness and premature death.”

Strong thoughts lead to strong commitments and we whole heartedly commend the decision to implement an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the city from the 8th April 2019, 17 months earlier than planned and the first in the world to be implemented.

The move is part of the Mayor’s comprehensive package of actions to clean up the city air and has been brought forward following a consultation which shows 60% support for the plan and 63% support for an early start to the proposals. Transport for London (TfL) has stated that 100,000 people will no longer live in areas with levels of toxic air particles in excess of limits for good health with expectations that levels of Nitrous Oxide (NO2) will drop by 20%.

Last month the Toxicity Charge was implemented which has already reduced the number of more polluting vehicles. The ULEZ charges will replace it and take their place alongside the current Congestion Charge. Unlike the Congestion and Toxicity Charges the ULEZ will be in operation all day and 365 days a year.

Matching the boundaries of the Central Congestion Charge Zone from the outset, plans are in place for further consultation on the proposal to expand to inner London for small vehicles and London wide for buses, coaches and lorries.

Within the zone vehicles with engines that do not meet the standards set will incur charges, £12.50 for small vehicles, rising to £100 for large vehicles. Vehicles that already meet the standards will only be subject to the Congestion charge.

The scheme has a dual positive impact, reducing direct pollution from the vehicles but also providing funds to be used to improve the air quality performance of TfL’s fleet of public transport vehicles and across the transport network – a truly progressive programme.

As a business with sustainability at its heart, GLH has built a fleet of low-emission vehicles to ensure we help our clients minimise their emissions alongside us. That means we are ready to fully embrace the Mayor’s leadership and contribute to blowing away the smoke as London’s most air quality conscious passenger car and courier company. Multi-national organisations to individuals doing their bit to help clean up London’s air will also find that our superior customer service is a breath of fresh air. Call us on 020 7490 4222 or email us at to find out how we make every journey matter.