GLH Joins Forces with Gett for a London Taxi Service

In busy London, finding a taxi service that’s both high quality and time efficient is now easier than ever. At GLH, we are known for our great service, and we have now partnered with Gett, another trusted name in the transportation industry. Together, we plan to make traveling across London an enjoyable yet efficient experience.

A New Step for GLH and Gett

GLH has always been about making sure people reach their destination on time and in comfort. By teaming up with Gett, we can offer an even better service to everyone in London.

Easy Booking for Your Ride

One of the many great things about this partnership is how easy it is to book a ride. You can now enjoy GLH’s high standard service with the easy booking of Gett taxis, all done through our simple online system.

You can also enjoy the perk of quick pick-ups with black taxis allowed to use bus lanes around London, our taxis are expected to arrive within 5 minutes!

GLH and Gett are here to offer a mix of luxury and easy travel. The taxi service covers all London postcodes as well as HA, IF, UB, TW, CR, BR, SM, KT, and EN postcodes.

If you already have a GLH account, nothing changes for you. You can book your car like before. You’ll see a small admin fee added to your account the next day, along with the usual fare.

So why wait? Open an account today and enjoy a better way to travel around London with GLH and Gett!